Make a regular donation

By setting up an regular donation, you help us enormously because it allows us to plan our research projects for the long-term, delivering far more effective results.  It also helps us to budget for conservation work well in advance. Most of the achievements of the Welsh Kite Trust so far have been entirely dependent on regular donations. As a regular donor, you will receive the Welsh Kite Trust newsletter: “Boda Wennol” with latest updates and news relating to the work of the trust, issued via email twice annually.  Any personal data will never be shared with any other organisation.

To proceed, select an amount from the options and you will be taken through to Paypal. You will be free to cancel your subscription at any time. Alternatively, a standing order form can be posted on request using the form on the contact us page.

For those who have set up standing orders under the previous FOWK arrangement, there is no need to do anything if you wish to continue your subscription. Just let us know your email address via the contact page and we will update our records.

Thank you for supporting the Welsh Kite Trust.