Red kite nest monitoring in 2016

With mild weather forecast to continue through to the end of February, it is likely that many red kites will already be pairing up and hanging around their intended nest sites. They will often draw attention to themselves by their plaintive whinnying call, as was heard yesterday near a nest in Pembrokeshire that was used successfully in 2016 season. In 2016, WKT volunteer nest watchers managed to record the nest outcomes of 175 kite nests at widely scattered locations and these results are presented in the downloadable PDF file below.


Download 2016 kite monitoring results


2016 was an unremarkable breeding season for kites, being not especially good or bad, but how will they fare in 2017? It is already the time to get busy looking for this year’s nests.

NB red kite is a schedule 1 species requiring a disturbance license to monitor nests. It otherwise illegal to disturb breeding kites at the nest.

Paddy Jenks



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